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Welcome to Huron, NY


Huron is in northeast Wayne County, between Sodus and Wolcott. Huron is bordered to the north by Lake Ontario and to the west by Sodus Bay. The lakeshore rises in a series of dramatic bluffs, the largest of which is Chimney Bluffs, which is 175 feet above the lake. Chimney Bluffs State Park, located in Huron, has four miles of hiking trails. According to legend, smugglers brought liquor from Canada here during the years of Prohibition. Hiking and biking, fishing and boating are popular activities here.


For shopping and most other services, residents go to nearby Wolcott. The closest libraries are the Wolcott Civic Free Library to the east and the Rose Free Library to the south. The closest post offices are the North Rose Post Office and the Wolcott Post Office. For groceries, there’s a Big M in Wolcott and a Super Duper in Sodus.

Recreation & Entertainment

Entertainment here is centered around the outdoors, such as boating, fishing, and hiking. Nearby Wolcott has the Palace Theatre for movies. Sodus and particularly Sodus Point, just to the west, are hotspots in the summer.

Transportation & Traffic

This is a very rural town. County Road 156 runs north-south through Huron. County Road 143, Ridge Road, runs east-west near the southern end of town. Route 104, the main east-west thoroughfare in the area, is south of Ridge Road..

Pros & Cons

Huron is quintessentially small town. Most all business is in nearby Wolcott. Huron has beautiful natural attractions – Lake Ontario, Sodus Bay and Chimney Bluffs – but you’ll have to travel to nearby towns for most services, shopping and other entertainment options.