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St. Paul Quarter - Rochester, NY


Old buildings once used for manufacturing have been converted into loft apartments that make up the St. Paul Quarter in downtown Rochester. The buildings once were part of “Clothier’s Row,” the center of Rochester’s once-bustling industry of men’s clothing manufacturing, as well as some tool-and-die companies and other businesses. The area now has hundreds of rental units, some of them more modern apartments and others lofts. Many have views of the Genesee River. As the area has grown since the 1980s, clubs and restaurants also have moved in, and the St. Paul Quarter now has a vibrant nightlife scene.

Neighborhood Association


Who Lives Here

Empty-nesters who want to live downtown and young professionals live in the St Paul Quarter lofts and apartments.


St. Paul Quarter has about half a dozen rather-upscale eateries, including the well-regarded Tapas 177, Pane Vino and Scotland Yard Pub. The area includes dance clubs and places to hear jazz. The Water Street Music Hall is perhaps the largest club in Rochester and has live music, mostly rock. The closest library is the Downtown (Central) Library, which actually encompasses two buildings connected by an underground tunnel.

Recreation & Entertainment

The nightlife in the St. Paul Quarter is among the liveliest in the city, on par with the East End and Monroe Village. The Blue Cross Arena at the Community War Memorial, a short walk away, regularly hosts sporting events, concerts and other entertainment.

Transportation & Traffic

This being downtown, buses are readily available and many interesting places are close enough to walk to. This also is one of the few places in Rochester where you might be able to catch a taxi. St. Paul Quarter has plenty of outdoor lots for visitors and gated parking or garages for residents. Navigating downtown, with its one-way streets, can be confusing for newcomers. St. Paul Street is heavily traveled during the day but not as busy at night.

Pros & Cons

St. Paul Quarter is great for people who want to rent near the heart of downtown. Many of the downtown hot spots are within walking distance. The bar scene on weekends can be busy.

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