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Culver Merchants Neighborhood - Rochester, NY


The Culver-Merchants neighborhood is in southeast Rochester and often considered part of the overall Culver-Winton-Main area. The triangular neighborhood is adjacent to North Winton Village and bordered by Culver Parkway, East Main Street, Merchants Road and Culver Road. Ellison Park, in parts of the towns of Brighton and Penfield, is nearby, as is Tryon Park, a wooded oasis at the end of a dead-end street also named Tryon Park.

Who Lives Here

Families who have lived here for years, as well as younger people who are just starting their familes.


There are two large grocery stores in the immediate area – Tops, on Blossom Road near Winton, and Wegmans, on East Avenue near Winton. Both have pharmacies, and there are other national chain pharmacies, such as Rite Aid, in the area. Hair salons, bakeries and pizza shops are in the neighborhood. The local library is at 611 N. Winton Road, and the post office is at 130 N. Winton. The closest hospital is probably Strong Memorial.

Recreation & Entertainment

North Winton Road offers bars such as Johnny’s Irish Pub, which opened in 1997 as Rochester’s first smoke-free bar, as well as the Winfield Grill. James Brown’s Place is a popular daytime-only restaurant with home-style meals. Carroll’s Irish Bar and Restaurant, on East Main Street, is another neighborhood mainstay. Ellison Park and Tryon Park offer plenty of outdoor options.

Transportation & Traffic

Route 590 is accessible by both Winton and Blossom roads. North Winton Road can be busy at times, especially during rush-hour traffic. Culver Road also is heavily traveled.

Pros & Cons

The Culver-Merchants neighborhood is a lively, close-knit neighborhood with plenty of attractions within walking distance. Residents are fiercely proud of their unique places, such as L & M Lanes, Johnny’s and James Brown’s Place. There have been issues with crowds of students from East High School in the neighborhood.

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