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Closing Participants

Several people may be at the closing representing the buyer, seller, and lender. Local laws will determine who will be present at your closing.

Home Buyer - Becomes the new owner of the home once the required payments and closing transactions are completed.

- Transfers the house to the homebuyer.

Real Estate Agent - Helps the homebuyer understand all the documentation to ensure that the contract stipulations are correct and that the closing process goes smoothly.

Attorney - You may use a real estate attorney to handle the closing transaction to protect your rights as a buyer and to identify any loopholes with the legalities of the contract. In some states, the escrow/closing officer will perform the function of the real estate attorney.

Escrow/Closing Officer - The escrow/closing officer is a neutral third party who helps both the buyer and seller, ensuring that all documents, inspections, and funds required to close the transaction are completed and received by the appropriate party.

Title Company - Performs title search for the property. In some cases, the title company can coordinate the closing transactions.

Lender - Provides the loan package for the buyer.

Servicer - Organization (usually a lender) that collects your monthly mortgage payments and services your loan.